Financing Process

Here you will learn about the aircraft financing process from quote to close.

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JetLoan Capital works to ensure that all of our clients receive the attention to ensure a seamless, efficient process for financing of your aircraft, boat or yacht. 

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The Aircraft & Marine Finance Process

  • Request A Quote
    • This is the first step in securing funding for your aircraft or yacht. Contact us to get started today!
  • Screen With Our Lenders
    • After you inquire about aircraft or yacht financing and we collect the required information, we will evaluate which lender fits your needs.
  • Underwriting
    • Once we’ve determined which lender fits your needs, we will engage into formal underwriting, the next step towards your approval. 
  • Approval
    • After approval, we will assist you in the funding and closing process.
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More About The Process

Down Payment Information

A down payment ranging from 10 percent to 25 percent is typically required. The down payment will affect the interest rate, payment and amortization schedule.

Items Required For Finance Approval

Preliminary Information Required

  • Borrower’s Name (Entity To Hold Aircraft)
  • Address
  • Guarantors
  • Aircraft Purchase Price
  • Requested Finance Amount
  • Aircraft Domicile
  • Part 91 or Part 135 Operation
  • Estimated Annual Flight Hours
  • Previously Owned Aircraft
  • Aircraft Specification Sheet
  • CAMP (CMP) Maintenance Reports

Items Required For Underwriting

  • Current personal financial statement (no older than six months), signed and dated
  • Last two years’ personal tax returns, including K-1s (if applicable)
  • Bank and brokerage statements that verify liquid assets, listed on your personal financial statement (cash and marketable securities)
  • JetLoan Capital Client Information Form Completed and Signed Here
  • Copy Of Pilot’s License (if applicable)
  • Copy Of Driver’s License or passport
  • We also may request W2’s or pay stubs (2 years)
  • 3 years of Company Financials (Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet) including a current interim
  • 3 years of Company Tax Returns
  • Debt Schedule completed – please note if business debt or personal
  • Last three years’ financial statements
  • Current interim financial statement for the most recent period available
  • How you will use your airplane (personal, business, or charter)
  • Annual flight hours
  • If the aircraft will have higher than average usage due to charter (Part 135) the loan is structured to factor the faster depreciation. You may be presented with a shorter loan amortization and a higher down payment
  • Most Financial institutions will not fund an aircraft intended for all Part 135 usage, however, we have banks and leasing companies that will
  • Many Lenders will require the aircraft to be on an engine maintenance program

The Closing Process

The closing process is complex, we have outlined below the information required to complete the process. Please note that every transaction is unique, therefore the below items are subject to change.


We will assist you in obtaining and executing the following information for closing:


  • Loan & Aircraft Security Agreement
  • Application for Registration, this is how your aircraft will be registered.
  • BOS (Bill of Sale)
  • All Applicable Bank Documents
  • A&I (Accident and Incident) report may be required.
  • Certificate of Insurance with Endorsements
  • FAA Lien and International Registry Searches
  • Aircraft Lease Agreement
  • Confirmation of Engine Program
  • Settlement Agreement
  • Authorization to Close
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